Data Breach in Virgin Media exposes 900,000 personnel files

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By D Geetha Madhuri May 01, 2020

Due to an “incorrectly configured database”, the data of over 900,000 users of Virgin Media was unknowingly exposed online for over 10 months, make it vulnerable to hacks. The company later confirmed that their data was accessed at least on one occasion by someone who had no access. That leaves phone numbers, email addresses, date of births and home addresses of all those Virgin customers to be easily accessed and downloaded by that hacker.

Virgin Media later publicly apologized for leaving their customers’ data unsecured for over 10 months. While the company says their database wasn’t hacked by many but was accessed only by one customer, all it takes is that one customer to sell out this personal data. Virgin is now being sued for $5.6 billion (4.5 billion pounds) by its customers.

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Virgin Media data breach affects 900,000 people

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