Can The 12th Amendment Still Create A Pathway For A Trump Victory?

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By Olumide Akinlaja November 23, 2020

Tongues are rolling online, triggered by a post made by Rogan O'handley on Twitter. It claims the 12th Amendment Constitution can still create a pathway for a Trump Victory. The said post has garnered more than 3, 000 retweets, 200+ quote retweets, and about 17,000 likes, as more people engage with it. How true is this claim?

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Since Joe Biden was voted the 46th president of the United States, in what was reported as the most secure election in American history by The Associated Press, social media has been inundated with conspiracy theories, often from conservatives. Not least among this is the claim about the 12th amendment.

What is the 12th Amendment Constitution?                    

The 12th Amendment, interpreted by Sanford Levinson, outlined four crucial parts. The first part is that electors would vote for two persons. The second is electors could not distinguish who is President and who is Vice President. They would vote for only two persons, and the person with the most votes becomes President, as the other becomes Vice President.

The third part of the amendment admits the House of Representatives into electoral decisions in instances there is no majority vote to make a president, or there is a tie between them. The fourth part gives electoral choice to a House that includes defeated representatives in the recent elections.

In all of these, it must be noted that the 12th Amendment was the result of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson's presidential election in 1800. The election which ended with the two parties tied 63–63 in the Electoral College, was resolved by the 12th Amendment. Therefore, the claim that the amendment will create a pathway for Trump whose electoral college count is 232 against Joe Biden's 306 is not only outrageous but propagandist.

What Options Can Create a Pathway for Trump?

It has become increasingly difficult for Donald Trump to overturn a glaring loss. The President still maintains he is the winner with claims the election was rigged. The path for him to win is to back up these fraud claims with convincing proof. So far, the president and his team have filed lawsuits upon lawsuits and have had nearly all of them dismissed.

Bottom Line

The 12th amendment claim is one of the many conspiracy theories which have been thrown around since the results of the presidential elections were announced. It must be said that this claim is misleading and false.

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