Biden Caught In A Lie ? "Struggling Bar Owner' In Campaign Ad Is Actually A Wealthy Investor ?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole October 27, 2020

There’s an ongoing accusation that an ad featuring Joe Malcoun, a businessman from Michigan, was withdrawn by Joe Biden's campaign because the “struggling bar owner” was found to be “a wealthy investor.” However, this is not true.

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This accusation has been made by many major news websites, such as New York Post , Fox News, and Daily Mail,  as a factual news item. This makes the validity of the claim look as though it were a settled question. But that’s hardly the case.

A closer look at the ad gives a quite different impression. In the one-minute ad, Malcoun lamented the lack of revenue in his bar due to the absence of customers, and blamed it on President Trump’s COVID-19 response. The main purpose of the ad was to use the situation of Malcoun’s bar in particular to address the damage done to small businesses by the perceived mismanagement of the pandemic by President Trump.

This, however, was misconstrued as an attempt to paint Malcoun as a struggling and deprived businessman whose finances depended totally on the survival of his bar. But this isn't the intention since Malcoun’s business activities and interests were never hidden and had always been a matter of public knowledge.

It was confirmed by Biden’s campaign team itself that the ad was withdrawn not because the campaign got “caught in a lie” but because there had been threats and harassment directed at Malcoun and his family.

There is therefore no credible reason to believe that the accusation is true.

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