Biden Cancer Charity Spent Millions On Salaries But None On Research?

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By Osama Aftab Usman November 19, 2020

A recent viral tweet shared by Donald Trump claims that the Biden Cancer Initiative, a nonprofit organization founded by Joe Biden, “spent millions on salaries, zero on research”. The post has over 55 thousand retweets and cites an article by the New York Post as the source. The article states that federal tax filings show the cancer charity spent a majority of the contributions received on payroll and that no research grants were given during the first two years of operation. Other media sites published similar articles, including Russia Today and Fox Business.

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However, the articles are misleading as they frame the fact that no grants were given by the charity to suggest malfeasance. The Biden Cancer Initiative was not meant to be an organization that primarily gave grants towards research. The FAQ page for the charity states this clearly under the section “Is the Biden Cancer Initiative a grant-giving organization?”. The organization aimed to achieve its mission “through convening, connecting partners, catalyzing new actions, and providing venues to discuss progress and develop new actions and collaborations.” The nonprofit has promoted nearly 60 such partnerships with other charities, health care firms, pharmaceutical companies, and similar organizations, as reported by AP.

The Cancer Letter, an independent newsletter that covers cancer research and policy, wrote an article that sifted through the disinformation. The article clarifies that the salaries paid by the Biden Cancer Initiative were in line with similar organizations and non-profits such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation, The Milken Institute, and the American Institute for Cancer Research. Fact-checking site also rated the claim as misleading.

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