Biden Campaign Director Arrested For Electoral Fraud?

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By Olumide Akinlaja November 19, 2020

On November 15th, the world awoke to a blog post by the Point News with claims that Joe Biden's Campaign Director was arrested for electoral fraud. The post went ahead to dig up an affidavit attributed to private investigator and retired Houston Police officer, Mark A. Aguirre. Also included in its content was the National File. How true is this post? Checking on all parties involved, here are our findings.

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The Campaign Director in question is Dallas Jones. Dallas Jones is the Democrat Director of Texas State political strategy for the Joe Biden Presidential campaign. He is a political consultant based in Houston. He has worked as a contributor to Houston Public Media's program Red, White and Blue. Since he worked for Joe Biden, this is enough reason for him to be at the end of claims, founded and unfounded.

Who is Mark A. Aguirre?

So far what we know, he is a private investigator and former Houston Police Dapartment Captain. He served Houston for 23 years. Did he file an affidavit? There is enough reason to believe he did file an affidavit.

Was Dallas Jones Arrested?

An affidavit is not an indictment. Dallas was alleged for electoral fraud, but was never indicted. If there was no indictment, there was no arrest. The filed affidavit was like saying Aguirre witnessed or heard Dallas scheming electoral fraud, but this was not enough to warrant an arrest. All evidences showed Dallas was never arrested for electoral fraud.

So, Who Was in the Viral Photo?

To further ground this claim, a photo was being circulated on social media. In the purported photo aimed at Dallas Jones' arrest, a man was handcuffed, led out of what appears to be his apartment by the police. However, this man was not Dallas Jones. This was the photo of Cuba Gooding Jr. charged with forcible touching in June 2019.

When confronted with the question of his arrest in a phone interview, Dallas Jones said he was not arrested neither was he interrogated. He went ahead to say the allegation that he was arrested was made-up and baseless.

Bottom Line

From all indications, the purported arrest of Biden's campaign director is baseless. There is no evidence for it. Again, we believe this is the result of the division between the left-wing and the right-wing in relation to the results of the Presidential elections.

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