Are Pedophiles Presenting Age-fluidity As An Excuse For Pedophilia?

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Date: 2020/07/30
Authors: Hezekiah Oluwole

In July 2020, social media posts insinuating that age fluidity is a recognized concept to support pedophilia is circulating on the internet amidst replies of outrage. These posts are not true.

Twitter Claim Age Fluidity.png

According to social media users, age fluidity is a concept which allows people (specifically those who are older) to claim a particular age (usually younger) and have sexual relationships with people of that age. It is based on the idea that it is possible for a person to identify as a different age than he/she originally is. This concept is purely fictional and it has no basis whatsoever in science.

The origin of the concept started as an insensitive prank organized by users on 4Chan in 2016. This originator of this prank stated that; "Alright you fucking morons. You're letting the LBGTQ "community" outsmart you.If they want to demand that society accept their horseshit identities, then it's time we slip in one of our own, for godly keks."

LGBT & P.png

This post was accompanied with a picture of the LGBT flag with the addition of P for Pedosexual. Since then, the LGBT community has been accused of being supporters of pedophilia over and over again.

For instance, on the Deviant Art forum page on September 15, 2017, a user asked the question; "Do you think it's fine to be agefluid?", after explaining that age fluidity is the same as gender fluidity, just with age.

While the concept of pedosexuality and age fluidity did die a timely death in 2017, it seems as if it is back in 2020. However, the situation still remains the same. The LGBT community is not a pedophilia advocacy group. It does not support age fluidity or pedosexuality and it is not adding the letter P to its acronyms to prove this support.

On the issue of pedophiles using age fluidity as an excuse for pedophilia, no known pedophile advocacy group has been pushing this agenda. The only time someone petitioned a court for age fluidity was in 2018 by Emile Ratelband.

Pedophilia advocacy groups like North American Man/Boy Love Association advocate for the reduction of the child consent age instead.

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