Are (RFID) Tags On Victoria’s Secret Clothing Items Used To Track Users?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole July 14, 2020

Recently, social media users have been speculating that the RFID chip at the back of Victoria's Secret's clothes, especially on their lingeries and bras are actually meant to track people. The speculation has gained a lot of foot hold since it was first introduced till date. It has travelled all the way from Instagram to Twitter and even Reddit where speculations about this chip is gaining some sort of following. This speculation is false.

The origin of this speculation can be traced back to Tiktok where a user pointed out the RFID chip in a Victoria Secret bra and asked other users to check the same while pointing out that it was meant for tracking.

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The post we are dealing with was uploaded by a Facebook user and it reads; “So the person who created and runs victoria secret (sic) buys people’s souls and he has something to do with the sex trafficking going on. did you know that if you cut your tag in half, there is a chip/tracker on the inside. if you don’t want to cut your tag to see, just put it up to the light. shocked (also tell me why the trackers are ONLY in bras and lingerie?? not shirts, sweatpants, ONLY lingerie)”.

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According to a correspondence of Victoria's Secrets via USA today, the chips are used for tracking inventories so that the brand can keep track of the products it has in stock and those it doesn't. It also helps them to ship the right product to the buyer.

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