Antifa Gearing Up For False Flag Attack As Trump Supporters?

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By Osama Aftab Usman November 07, 2020

A recent blog post claims that Antifa activists may engage in violence following Election Day. The blog, American Thinker, mentions that the activists are planning to masquerade as Trump-supporters "in order to make the case that Donald Trump truly is a dictator that must be violently overthrown if he wins or arrested and prosecuted if he loses."

The blog post is dated November 3 2020 and claims that this information was obtained from a reliable source who was able to photograph a flyer detailing the plans for violence on November 4. There were also similar posts on social media, such as this Facebook post, which contained the flyer.

Antifa False Flag Flyer 4th November.jpg

However, the claims made by the blog post and Facebook post are false. This particular image of the flyer has been circulating on the internet as a meme since 2017. Politics reporter Will Sommer wrote an article in 2017 detailing the origins of conspiracy theories surrounding Antifa and included this image as well, stating that this flyer and other “planning documents” were shared on Facebook to encourage activists to commit violence.

Fact-checking site investigated the issue and reached the Facebook user who posted the 2020 iteration of the flyer, Katy Krasnow. The image was posted to the satire page Hickman County Antifa, which has since been taken down. Krasnow deleted the post soon after but it had already spread around the internet by then.

As the fake flyer is the only source for the claim presented in the blog post and Facebook post, the claim is debunked.

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