All 50 States Alerted On Mystery Seeds Packages From China

From Fakezap
Date: 2020/07/30
Authors: D Geetha Madhuri

United States Department of Agriculture issued warnings to all 50 states after acknowledging the residents from all the American states receiving unsolicited packages with mystery seeds in them. These seeds are considered to have been originated in China and could be from an invasive plant species. The officials have repeatedly requested all the American residents to not plant these seeds as, "Invasive species wreak havoc on the environment, displace or destroy native plants and insects and severely damage crops. Taking steps to prevent their introduction is the most effective method of reducing both the risk of invasive species infestations and the cost to control and mitigate those infestations."


Ryan Quarles, Agricultural Commissioner from the State Agricultural Department of Kentucky state said, "We don't know what they are, and we cannot risk any harm whatsoever to agricultural production in the United States. We have the safest, most abundant food supply in the world and we need to keep it that way."

Agricultural organizations from a few other states like North Carolina, Nevada, and Utah suggested that this could be a “Brushing Scam” where certain agencies deliver fake products and write fake reviews on the product selling websites. This is an international internet scam and according to Better Business Bureau, third party sellers use random addresses that were compromised through delivery agencies and generate a fake review for a particular “sold” product to generate reviews and increase product ratings.

While USDA is still investigating this matter, we at Fakezap, request you not to plant these seeds and follow the instructions of your local authorities. If you receive any such unsolicited package, notify the authorities at USDA immediately by dropping them an email on [[1]], and please include your full name, phone numbers and attach pictures of these packages, preferably unopened. Please follow your local Agriculture departments on their Twitter handles for updates on this developing news.

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