39 Missing Kids Weren't Found In A Double Wide Trailer In Georgia

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By Olumide Akinlaja September 04, 2020

Several social media posts which claimed that 39 missing kids were found in a double wide trailer in Georgia have been making the rounds across many platforms on the internet.

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As can be seen in this Facebook post which has been shared more than a million times already, the author wrote, ‘How is finding 39 missing children in a double wide trailer here in Georgia NOT the biggest news story in America?’ The claim is false in most parts and misleading.

While it is true that the US Marshals found 39 mission children in Georgia according to this CNN report, it is not true that the children were found in a double wide trailer as claimed in these social media posts.

According to an official release from the US Marshals detailing the rescue operation which was tagged ‘Operation Not Forgotten’, it was revealed that the operation lasted for two weeks, and it was never mentioned that the children were together as of the time of the rescue. In fact, it was clearly stated in the release that 26 children were rescued, and an additional 13 safely located. This show the children were not together in the first place.

For the purpose of clarity, it must be stated that the recovered children are a part of a group of missing and exploited children, and this is not the first time the US Marshals would be recovering such children. According to the official release above, about 295 children were also recovered in 2019.

Indeed, the US Marshals recovered 39 missing kids in Georgia, but there is no truth to the claim that these kids were found together in a double wide trailer. They were found in multiple places in an operation that lasted 2 weeks.

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