1.5 Million Fake Ballots Printed By China For US Presidential Election 2020?

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By Olumide Akinlaja December 08, 2020

A report tagged election fraud and fake ballots, has been published on YouTube, with the claim that millions of fake ballots were printed by China for the just concluded United States Presidential Election.

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The video traced to worldstarhiphop.com, a website known for its content-aggregating, was purported to have originated from Kwangtung, China. It included a dialogue in Chinese, supposedly between a printing company and an unknown customer.

Similar reports have appeared in different contexts, pervading the internet and social media. Trump himself had earlier tweeted in June before the election that millions of votes would be printed by foreign countries and others. Trump's tweet was influenced by a claim made by Attorney General Bill Barr during an interview, where he said that "foreign country could print up tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots, and it'd be very hard for us to detect."However, these claims are false and misleading, and have been fact-checked in one of our articles.

At exactly 0:36 seconds in the video, the Charlotte County name is visible. Since a sample of Charlotte County's ballot was made accessible online, there are reasons to believe they could have been downloaded offline and printed, thus falsely paraded as printed ballots by China. In addition to this, the electoral laws in place would not even permit those amounts of claimed printed ballots to be counted without being noticed. They would have been easily detected going by the various rules in place. This process of electoral security, rules and guidelines were highlighted here.

The claims that the ballots were forged have, however, been long debunked by Lawrence Norden, director of the Election Reform Program for the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York School of Law. Norden said "There are other ways – cyber warfare – of attacking election infrastructure. I think we have to be worried about them. But forging mail ballots is not a serious threat."

Norden went ahead to clarify that since mail ballots in several states rely on signature-verification tools to check voter authenticity, it would be practically difficult to forge ballots that meet the required specifications to be read by the voting machine, which vary by jurisdiction.

With no credible proof and evidence, the claim that mail ballots are forged, and printed by China is highly unlikely and untrue.

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